Why Drink Alkaline Water?


I have been a Vegan for many years.  However, I loved chocolate and I would secretly eat chocolate. In December of 2015 I started to experience joint pain, especially in my knees. I could not kneel to pray at church or at home. My wrists and especially my thumbs were swollen. I could not open jars because the pain was so intense.  A friend encouraged me to drink alkaline water daily. I went to the doctor and was given cortisone shots in both knees. However, the pain continued.  As a result of the shots, I gained about 10 pounds.


In January 2016, I made some changes to my diet, which included,

  1. Drinking alkaline water (8.5 @ $ 3.50 per gallon).

This proved very expensive, so I bought my own Kangen alkaline water machine. I now drink over 2 liters of alkaline water daily.

NOTE:    I found out that alkaline water should not be placed in plastic bottles. Alkaline water loses its alkalinity after 24 hours.

  1. Doing a twenty-one-day cleanse. (Section 3 of my book gives you a step-by-step guide to the 21 days cleanse).



Four months later:

  • I no longer have excruciating pains in my joints.
  • I have lost 13 pounds.
  • I am able to open any jar and the swelling on my thumbs have disappeared.
  • I can kneel during worship at home and at church.
  • My skin looks and feels great.
  • I am able to sleep better with lots more energy during the day


Although I have had positive health benefits from the drinking of alkaline water, there are many more reported health benefits. There are reports that indicated cures from some diseases resulting from drinking alkaline water daily. Other reports indicate that alkaline water detoxes and hydrates the body system balances the pH levels in your body, and fights cancer. A pH less than 7 is said to be acid and a pH greater than 7 is alkaline.


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