Dr. Odle’s Cancer Story

Cancer is an illness that is dear to my heart.  My husband was diagnosed with stage 1 prostate cancer in 2002.  We were both on a vegetarian/vegan diet at that time.  As a wife, I was very concerned about losing my husband to cancer.  Not knowing what to expect was at times painful.  Having  God as my Heavenly Friend was a huge benefit.  God is where I got my strength to carry on.


  1. Increased his intake of fresh juices and raw foods on a daily basis. I remember having to wake up early in the morning to do the juicing before going to work, and coming home in the evening and juicing again.  That was pretty demanding.
  2. Cut out as many acid-forming foods like cashews, peanuts, soy, cheese, eggs etc.
  3. Increased exercise by walking.
  4. Increased water intake
  5. Enrolled in a health clinic for a 14 day cleanse, which included a 7 day fast on different juices, massages, fever baths, exercise, daily enemas, plus cooking classes of how to prepare vegan foods.
  6. A biopsy was carried out on my husband without an anesthetic, where the doctor used an instrument up the rectum to snip off tiny pieces of the prostate gland.  In my opinion, this was barbaric. My husband was in excruciating pain for with every snip of flesh the doctor took. As I stood there holding his hand as a measure of comfort, I had a hard time fighting back the tears.
  7. After months, of praying and eating a vegan diet the PSA  (prostate-specific antigen) was not decreasing at a comfortable rate. That is when my husband decided to have the radiation pellets implanted into the prostate. The doctor’s prognosis was very encouraging.  He said, that because my husband had maintained a vegetarian diet with no stimulants like tea, coffee,  and alcohol in any form in the past, and currently on a vegan diet, it would help to decrease the growth of further cancer cells.
  8. And finally, we started on the strict vegan journey around 2003, and to date, we are still vegans.


This journey began in 2002, and thank God my husband is doing well and the doctors are pleased with his 6 monthly  PSA test results.  We have to first give  God all the praise and glory.  Secondly, we attribute our improved health to a strict vegan alkaline diet.

Luke Coutinho speaks factually and passionately on the  6 Basic commonalities observed in cancer patients. The list is found below.

  1. Constipation
  2. Acidity
  3. Sleeplessness at night (No sleep)
  4. Emotional Stress (Failure to manage stress)
  5. Sedentary lifestyle
  6. Less water intake Super beneficial…

I have included Mr. Luke Coutinho’s video in the hope that it would all who read my blog will take stock of their health.  That is if you don’t want to go the route of a vegan diet, that you would include lots of fresh fruits, vegetables, a reduction in acid foods like meat, fish, eggs, drink lots of water and exercise at least 3 times weekly to stave off the dreaded disease of cancer.


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