Allow me to start off by explaining how pH is associated with alkalinity and acidity in our bodies.

A pH less than 7 is said to be acidic and solutions with a pH greater than 7 are basic or alkaline.

A pH of 0 is totally acidic, while a pH of 14 is completely alkaline. A pH of 7 is neutral. Those levels vary throughout your body.  Our blood is slightly alkaline, with a pH between 7.35 and 7.45  (which is considered to be our body’s ideal pH), and the stomach is said to be very acid with a pH of 3.5 or less.  The reason being, so that the stomach can break down foods.

To test your pH level, you can do so by using a piece of litmus paper in your saliva or urine first thing in the morning before drinking or eating anything.

In brief, alkaline foods include some nuts, fruits, vegetables, seeds, and herbs.

On the other hand, acid foods include meats, poultry, fish, sugars, fast foods, processed foods, and alcoholic drinks. (In the chart section of  “More Than A Cookbook”, you will find a more detailed list of alkaline and acid foods).


  Alkaline-forming foods are rich in antioxidants and can fight free-radical damage and inflammation in the body. Therefore,  alkaline diet will help your body maintain its blood pH level.

Dr. Stan Odle, Jr., Natural Medicine Doctor states the following: “An alkaline diet is far healthier than an acid diet. To understand that statement, you would need to go back to creation and know that when God Almighty created us, meats were not included on the menu.

You may ask why? And the answer is very simple. Here it is: When God created the human body, it was not designed to consume or digest meats. Meats are the most acid-producing foods that we can eat.

Why should this be a problem?  Acid foods produce an acid blood pH or blood chemistry, which can lead to inflammation, which then leads to sickness and dysfunction of organs and organ systems. On the other hand, alkaline foods produce an alkaline blood pH thus ensuring the proper function of organs.”


My husband Wayne and I have been vegetarians since the  1970s and strict vegans for about 15 years. The foods I prepare daily are organic and mainly alkaline.  Our breakfast consists of fruits only.  Someday,  I will make smoothies for breakfast.










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