Healthy eating & Micronutrient Building

Adequate Protein?

More Than A Cookbook is based on a Plant-base diet. Some individuals believe that we need to eat meat to get our protein. However, on the other hand, some nutritionist advocates the fact that most plant-based foods like nuts, grains, vegetables, seeds, fruits, and legumes contain enough protein to adequately nourish the body.

Acid -vs- Alkaline

Acid foods such as dairy products, highly processed foods, meats can negatively affect the body system and may lead to chronic diseases, such as cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. However, alkaline foods mainly found in the plant kingdom produces an alkaline blood pH thus ensuring the proper function of your organs.

Good Water

More Than A Cookbook advocated drinking alkaline water, due to its many health benefits, which includes the reduction of the symptoms of acid reflux and the neutralization of acid in the bloodstream. To maintain health at its optimum, you need to drink good water, not any type of water. Learn More

Coral E. Odle

Inspiring Cook & Award-Winning Author

Coral Odle has training and experience in dietetics, nursing, pastoral work, teaching in elementary and high schools in United Kingdom and the USA. She has worked as an Educational Administrator in the Caribbean, and the United Kingdom. Coral is a pastor’s wife who has worked with her husband for over 30 years in many aspects of church life. After being in teaching and educational administration for over 27 years, Coral is now working as a Real Estate Broker and is involved in missionary volunteer work in the US, the Dominican Republic and Haiti. It is her passion to help those who are disadvantaged both physically and spiritually in many parts of the world. Coral’s hobbies include cooking, walking, reading spiritually uplifting books, and traveling. Coral E. Odle, MSEd, MTh.

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